21 January 2017


Horizontal and vertical hydrophobic membrane

PrzedBefore injection the ground water penetrates the wall.

In many buildings, due to lack of insulation or when it is damaged or faulty, the groundwater seeps into the walls and whilst it penetrates higher within the wall, it affects the flaking of paint and the inner and outer wall plaster fall-off. High air humidity causes damage of equipment and furnishings.

PoAfter injection the wall remains dry.


The waterproofing membrane is an effective protection against the moisture coming from the outside. It is created by drilling the holes in the wall within the right distance from each other at the angle of 30-45°. Then, the product – microemulsive silicone resin, containing organic solvent – is injected into those holes.
The injection is capillarily active and moves the water out of the pores within the area of injection. An injection solid is created within the wall. The injection solids overlap alongside wall creating a horizontal membrane or, if necessary, also a vertical one, which is extremely durable and guarantees a long-lasting effect.