21 January 2017



Repair and protection of historical buildings is an area where the main objective is a permanent protection of cultural monuments, which are a vital part of our history, from the destructive “effects of time”. The essence of the maintenance of buildings is not only the technical feasibility, in which there is no room for even the smallest mistakes, but also the maintenance of authentic matter of a historic building, a kind of “sense”, which constitutes the whole, together with the construction practice. Therefore, you should act in this area with extreme precision, because any mistakes may entail the loss of cultural goods, which cannot be restored or repaired. You need knowledge, experience and the greatest care and responsibility – everything what is characterized by a professional contractor. Only professionals guarantee to achieve the desired effect while selecting the appropriate conservation solution – restoration or maintenance.

As the specialists with many years of experience, we offer you professional solutions in the field of restoration and protection of buildings, which are a guarantee of work on historic buildings, conducted by us over the past years. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our projects.